Charlotte’s Dream – a point and click adventure


People sometimes tell me they had once had a dream where they could fly and the world was made out of custard and biscuits. I rarely have dreams like that, it’s usually something like going to the shops to buy some biscuits and then realizing I don’t have any money. Nice one, brain. Real creative there!

Now, Charlotte on the other hand is having dark and surreal dreams but unfortunately for her she can’t just pinch herself to make it all stop. Haunted by the death of her brother after a tragic car accident, Charlotte must venture forth to face her demons if she ever wants to escape from her strange and scary dream world. However, the game takes a dark turn when Charlotte explores a far more intriguing question: Could it be that her brother is still alive?

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Currently Kickstarting: Tsioque

tsioqueOnce upon a time, there was a land ruled by a wise and good Queen. The queen had a daughter, little princess Tsioque, who adored her mother and was always by her side. A Phoenix threatened the land, so the Queen had to lead her army to fight it and left little Tsioque in her castle, hoping she would be safe. Unfortunately, the Royal Wizard decided to take over and make the princess a prisoner, thinking that would solve everything. Unfortunately, the Wizard was wrong and that decision is bound to come back to bite him in the ass…

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Currently Kickstarting: Gayway


Videogames often allow us to explore themes, characters and locations in ways unlike other media formats, allowing creators to send a message in creatively unique ways. Featuring strong queer overtones, Gayway tells the story of a character looking to avenge his father and his struggle with discrimination, but does so without falling into moralism.

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Currently Kickstarting: Order of Ataxia: Initial Effects

Order of AtaxiaFollowing your pursuits in fringe scientific fields can yield interesting results in any videogame, though some would argue it’s far more compelling when it’s done in a visual novel. Once again, an experiment gone awry has propelled someone to a different world which is seemingly populated by attractive members of the opposite gender. Fan service ensues.

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Foxtail – a classic point & click adventure

foxtailFoxtail appears to be a charming point and click adventure drawing inspiration from classic adventures such as Monkey Island and Legend of Kyrandia. It has an early 90′s look and feel with a colorful, fantasy environments and very nice pixel animations of other anthropomorphic characters. The foxy (sorry!) lead character, Leah wants to take you, the player, on a deep and meaningful journey through a land filled with wonder and amazement. That plus puzzles and other challenging obstacles that may await her.

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Currently Kickstarting: The Last Time

lasttimeThere’s something I like about the “Old cop tormented by his past who decides to try to tie loose ends” trope. Well, to be honest I just like noir and mysteries in general so it’s no wonder that The Last Time caught my eye. But having an old cop as the main character isn’t the only thing that got me interested in this game.

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Currently Kickstarting: Devastated Dreams

ddreams logoMatt Gilgenbach and Infinitap games had a successful Kickstarter two years ago with Neverending Nightmares. In that game he wanted to explore his experiences with OCD and depression through a branching story based on a series of nightmares. He’s now back at it with a spiritual sequel of sorts of that game, but dealing with different themes in a similar way.

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Currently Kickstarting: The All – Post Apocalyptic RPG

The All

Dragons are a prototypical element in any fantasy roleplaying scenario. These winged fire breathing beings can be found within the lore of almost every game of this type including Dungeons and Dragons, Final Fantasy and more. Yet, it’s odd how so few offerings have given players to take pick up the mantle of this mythical beast instead of trying to slay one.

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FlameFrost: The Pocket MMORPG

FlameFrostThere’s an old proverb which states good things come in small packages, a timeless folkloric bit of wisdom which many would argue still holds true to this day. Perhaps this is why indie studio Epic Dragon decided to tackle the herculean task of creating an MMORPG capable of running on any device, mobile or otherwise without the need for an installation. Continue reading