Apr 13

Introducing the Game Library

Games   KickstartVenturesOkay so today is the day! We’re ready to release the game library to the public! The game library is an index of crowd funded adventure and RPG games we’ve come across since KickstartVentures started. We hope this allows you to either discover something new or get updates on a project you may have backed or known about anyway.

The listing of games gives you the option to filter via release status and genre as well as searching for a specific game. Each game includes release platforms, screenshots, release dates, trailers and more. You’ll be sure to discover something new looking through our database.

Everyone on the team did a great job and I just wanted to give a shout out to Serena Nelson, Douglas Baxter, Michael Shaw and Stew Sizer for all their hard work getting this altogether.

So check it by clicking here or on Games in the menu. And as always we welcome all feedback, suggestions and more. Like any newly released product, we will intend to improve and enhance it as time goes by and we already have some great ideas in the pipeline. If you think we’re missing a game too we have a submit page you can check out to let us know.

Apr 12

Game Library Launching Tomorrow!

Game LibraryTomorrow we will be launching our brand new game library – a catalogue of crowd funded adventure/RPG games that we at KickstartVentures have become familiar with. Our team have worked hard on getting this up and running and collating all the information.

We hope that you can find all the information and latest updates to projects you’ve backed, as well as discovering brand new games for you to look forward to. You can filter by genre to help find the right game that appeals to you and by release status to see if it’s available to buy or pre-order. Each game features screenshots, platforms, Kickstarter/IndieGoGo funding stats, trailers and more.

At the moment we’re just cleaning it up and getting it ready for launch but we’re really excited to finally reveal what we’ve been working on and we hope to get feedback on what we can do to improve it even more. We’ve already got a list of ideas we want to incorporate but we didn’t want to keep it hidden much longer so hope you find this useful.

Apr 11

Currently Kickstarting: the Breakout

“In 1945 a group of captured soldiers were placed in a POW camp and told they would never escape. Using their specialist skills, these man promptly devised a plan to attempt their most daring breakout yet.”

So if you can steal enough supplies,
and sneak past the guards,
and if you can get over the fence…

maybe you’re ready for…


The Breakout

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Apr 10

Last Life – a sci-fi noir adventure game

LAST LIFE is a sci-fi noir adventure game for PC, Mac and Linux about a transhumanist colony on Mars. When a murdered detective is 3D printed back into existence, he reopens his last case to uncover what he missed–a hunt that reveals AI corruption, corporate espionage, and the conspiracy that may have led to Earth’s doom.

Last Life has already had a lot of buzz from the adventure community and beyond, including Tim Schafer who said ”As soon as we saw it, we loved it.” They’re asking for $75,000 and haven’t had a bad start so if film noir, murder mystery adventure mixed with awesome style and substance is your thing than check out the campaign page below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Last Life Kickstarter

Apr 10

SQH012 – “The Death of Roger Wilco”

SQ_Historian_Logo-150x150“The wait is over! (You WERE waiting, right?) This is the 12th and final episode of this season of The Space Quest Historian. Yes, we’re doing seasons now. The podcast will be going on a short hiatus while season 2 is being planned. Stay tuned on Twitter @SpaceQuestNet and on www.spacequesthistorian.com for information on the new season. But for now, settle back and enjoy a very special season finale featuring some very special guests – including return appearances from SteveBot, Chuck Clusterbluck and Pete Toleman. And a bunch of other people (thank you, everyone!). And of course we will be continuing Josh Henry’s epic tale of Sierra fandom heroism, as read by the author himself. And also a very special treat: A 1,000 word excerpt of a new long-form Space Quest fan fiction story, written by Akril, and read by the great Joe Cassara – it’s a Space Quest Historian Exclusive! Thank you for listening, everyone, and I will see you around the chronostream!”

Apr 08

Ending Soon: Dead Synchronicity

Dystopian and post-apocalyptic titles are pretty commonplace in media in any form, and with good reason. It takes a bleak look at what the future could hold for humanity should it ever stray towards the path of self-destruction. A warning letter to future generations to get their act together, if you will. And to stand out in the crowd you’d need to have some something unique to get people to take notice of it. Dead Synchronicity promises the standard trope and more. With a twist unlike any other that’s come before it.

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Apr 04

Ending Soon: The Technician

Lately there seems to be a resurgence in retro-style gameplay, with plenty of examples to be had in the adventure and RPG genres thanks to crowdfunding. Perhaps its the nostalgia factor that brings people back to the times of yesteryear. Or perhaps it’s the graphics, controls, sound, or any combination of the above. Whatever the reason, it’s quite apparent that games like The Technician are still in demand, proven by the fact that this one has already reached funding. If you’re a fan of 16-bit adventure then read on.

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Apr 04

SQH011 – “Fan Fiction Theatre Pt. 2″

SQ_Historian_Logo-150x150“Prepare your audio receptive organs for part two of the Fan Fiction Theatre! In this episode, pleasant vocal provider Joe Cassara once again regales us with Roger Wilco’s tales in long-form prose — this time we will hear excerpts from the unfinished SQ3 and SQ5 novels, written in another lifetime by the Historian himself, as well as the novel Lone Voyager, set in the SQ6 universe, by the Historian and Leonard Kramer. But it’s not all nostalgia: We also get the first of hopefully many chapters of Josh Henry’s original tale of Sierra fandom, read by the author himself, and including a special introduction by the man. Find a nice place to recline, pour yourself something liquid (or at least mildly viscous), close your eyes and dream yourself away to a distant galaxy. Or at least get a start in on that washing-up as you’re listening to this. Really, your kitchen is filthy”

Apr 02

Two Years and Still Kickstarting

KickstarterToday marks the date of a special event in my life. Two years ago I started on a journey that would take me places that I’ve only dreamed of going. No, I’m not talking about a physical place. This marks the second anniversary of the day that I joined Kickstarter. On April 2, 2012 I joined with many fans of Leisure Suit Larry and descended upon a project that would change my life forever. I want to take this opportunity to talk about my experiences and how I got to where I am as a respected member of the adventure game community, but first some background information to know where I’m coming from.

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