Currently Kickstarting: Plugged

pluggedLately there has been this trend on adventure games where we are told that every choice matters. Although in most games that concept seems to be a bit flawed because we just get the same story but with some differences depending on what we do. Plugged seems to want to make every choice we make different in terms of what happens after we make one.

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Ending Soon: Advanced Race Compendium

Advanced Race CompendiumI love Pathfinder. As a massive D&D fan and an avid 3.5 player, Paizo’s setting gave me everything I could ever want even when D&D moved to another format, once I wasn’t very keen about. I played with friends, letting them destroy the world of Golarion through their own dumb choices, all while laughing maniacally in the back of the room, but that’s another story. Continue reading

Currently Kickstarting: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

Hero-UWe previously discussed Hero-U’s return to kickstarter, and now the second campaign has officially launched. Hero-U is a adventure game mixed with RPG elements currently in development by Sierra On-Line veterans, Corey and Lori Cole. Their previous works include the classic Quest For Glory series and Castle of Dr. Brain.  Continue reading