Ending Soon: Echo Tokyo


Another visual novel that has graced our presence on Kickstarter is nearing its end and while it’s already funded they are still hoping to reach more stretch goals. While you have the standard “romance options” that you see in a lot of games of this type, there’s so much more to the story than hooking up with someone else. More on that later, though. Echo Tokyo promises to be an interesting take on the genre.

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Currently Kickstarting: Goetia


Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a ghost, floating around intangible and possessing objects with your spirit? Look no further than the latest in the Kickstarter adventure game lineup, Goetia, where you get to play as the ghost of young Abigail Blackwood. And not only does it look like a unique and interesting game, but Square Enix is supporting the campaign through their Collective platform.

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Currently Kickstarting: Under That Rain


Adventure games are few in number on IndieGogo, but when they do show up they promise a quality experience and story. Under That Rain just happens to be one of them. While the graphics are dated by today’s standard, fans of the old-school pixel look will be happy to know that Bad Tale Studios is continuing the trend of pixel art projects through crowdfunding efforts.

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Ending Soon: Johnny Rocketfingers 3


Who’s a badass mother that needs the money? Johnny Rocketfingers, stick figure extraordinaire, that’s who. In the third installment of this flash based series (which can be played on Newgrounds or Kongregate), you play the titular character as he kicks ass and takes names like no other. Unfortunately, he’s just short of paying off his debts. That’s where you come in to save the day.

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SQH023 – Xmas Special: Hard Puzzles


This episode starts out with an immediate interruption by Chris Pope the SpacePope to bring you good tidings of great joy with how things are going on the SpaceVenture project. And it’s that time of the year —  you all know what I’m talking about — the Space Quest Historian delves head-first into the pool of hard-ass, difficult-as-all-hell puzzles in a rant that, predictably, goes nowhere. Luckily, he’s not on his own, as Alan Luckachina steps up to deliver his own take on the subject in another phenominal bit of The Lucky Corner. Also on this show, you will find not one, but two impressive treats: Our music pal, Ken Allen, talks about music devices of old that never went anywhere, and the Historian plays his entire interview of Space Quest III composer Bob Siebenberg in its full, unedited glory! Merry whatever, ladies and janitors!

Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme Review


I came across this one purely by accident while looking through the Indie Royale site and saw it as the daily deal. Never one to pass up on a gender swap story I decided to pick it up and try it out. Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme (which I’ll abbreviate as either “Gender Bender” or “GB” from this point forward) is a visual novel, which is a nice way of saying that it’s an interactive story. That said, I still consider this genre as a sort of distant cousin to adventure games. Even if there aren’t any puzzles there is still a story there. Somewhere. I’ll get to that in a bit. While searching to see what other characters will be playable I discovered that there was an IndieGoGo campaign last year to get this one funded. You can find the link to the right or here. You can purchase from Steam or Desura.

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Ending Soon: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine


The Kickstarter for Kelvin and the Infamous Machine has a week to go finishing on Friday, December 12, 2014. The initial funding of $20,000 has been reached at over $23,000 raised, Blyts is close to adding additional languages (the $25,000 stretch goal).

What is Kelvin doing with a time machine? Well, it starts with Dr. Edwin Lupin; a man of science, a genius with the obligatory unruly hair. He also has a rather unfortunate sense of design aesthetics. He’s spent his life working on one great invention. An invention that will change the world. An invention that will change the nature of time and space and rival sliced bread as the “next big thing”.  Dr. Lupin (along with trusty sidekicks and research assistants Lise (she’s the smart one) and Kelvin (that’s you, a well-intentioned, if dim-witted lad with a major crush on Lise and a tremendous lack of common sense) has finally succeeded in creating the world’s first practical time machine.

And it looks exactly like a portable shower. And an old fashioned portable shower at that. And to make things worse, the shower head doesn’t have that nifty massage setting that feels oh so good at the end of the day.

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Currently Kickstarting: Viktor, a steampunk adventure


Viktor, a steampunk adventure is the current offering from Studio Spektar in Zagreb, Croatia. They have been making board games and illustrations and are now trying their hand in creating a point and click adventure game. They are looking to raise $10,000 to bring Viktor, the would be emperor to your Windows or Mac computer.

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Currently Kickstarting: Johnny Rocketfingers 3


There are an abundance of Flash-based adventure games on gaming sites like Newgrounds and Kongregate. A few of these developers have branched out and ran Kickstarters for the next game in their respective series, so why wouldn’t Ryan Khatam jump on the bandwagon and bring his own IP to the crowdfunding platform? Enter the third installment of the Johnny Rocketfingers series, a man with a mission. A mission to kick ass and look cool while doing it.

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