Currently Kickstarting: ChuSingura46+1


Sometimes, parodies of popular stories or famous historic events take a decidedly high-brow and intelligent twist, adding smart  commentary on society and its failings. And then sometimes parodies choose to take these important events and ask the highly important question of what would happen if every character or participant were a moe girl. ChuSingura46+1 falls into the latter.

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Announcing Raleigh Fanbase, The Official Raleigh Holmes Fan Site

Raleigh FanbaseAdventure game fans of recent years might recognize the name of Raleigh Holmes, the daughter of acclaimed Sierra composer Robert Holmes, even if just in passing. She has starred as Erica Reed throughout Phoenix Online Studios’ Cognition game as well as providing vocals for music in games like Gray Matter, Cognition, and most recently Moebius. She is also the lead singer for folk/Americana band The Scarlet Furies.

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Current Kickstarting: Don’t Forget Our eSports Dream – A StarCraft Visual Novel

Don't Forget Our eSports Dream

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill and excitement of being a Starcraft eSports professional player, but don’t have the skill to compete with top notch South Korean teams? There’s a visual novel for that now.

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Currently Kickstarting: LUNA – The Shadow Dust

LUNA - The Shadow Dust

Point and click adventure games are often played for the well-written story, dialog and engaging characters, but sometimes, a title comes along whose main goal is to offer an experience rather than a compelling narrative, letting our minds fill in the blanks. Continue reading

Currently Kickstarting: Gibbous

GibbousHorror and comedy might sound like a terrible combination but it’s been proven multiple times that it most certainly works. In the case of adventure games the latest entry into this crazy mashup, Gibbous, just launched on Kickstarter and already people are flocking to the weird and macabre tale being promised by Stuck In Attic. And, honestly, I hopped onto the bandwagon as soon as I saw it go live. Why? Read on.

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Currently Kickstarting: Invisible Apartment 3

Invisible Apartment 3I love a good visual novel, especially when it deals with subjects that I’m interested in. And I’m very much interested in Cyberpunk stories. Which is why I didn’t hesitate to back Invisible Apartment 3, now on Kickstarter, as well as pick up the previous three entries in the series. While each one is relatively short and lacking a bit in branching paths, they still tell a cohesive story where it’s just you against a nasty corporate machine. But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Read on if you want to know more.

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Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet Review

logoThis month has been a good one for adventure games so far. We’ve got releases like the remaster of Day of the Tentacle and Wadjet Eye’s Shardlight. That by itself is good already, but we’re focused on crowdfunded games and this month has given us this charming jewel of a game that was on Kickstarter a while back so this month is even better now.

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