Currently Kickstarting: Legends of Fire & Steel

Legends of Fire & Steel logoAlthough it’s been a PC staple for decades, grand strategy titles have had little impact in the world of mobile gaming. This is where Legends of Fire & Steel comes in, making a brave attempt at bridging the genre for both platforms. Luckily, the team handling this project stems from a variety of backgrounds including mobile titles like Awakening: The golden Age and even Ubisoft’s own Farcry series.

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Currently Kickstarting: Max’s Big Bust

Max's Big BustVisual novels have been widely popular lately and yet another one has decided to go the crowdfunding route and just released on Kickstarter. Enter Max’s Big Bust, a buddy cop title with a “gender bender” twist. While most of the visual novels released are of the “otome”, gay, lesbian, harem, etc. variety very few tackle transgender themes. And, for the record, this is being done by one half of the same team that’s been working on Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme.

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Ending Soon: We Happy Few

wehappyfewSeveral weeks ago I wrote about this game because it caught my eye. The idea of playing a game set in a procedurally generated English dystopian town is just too appealing and I felt compelled to write about it. Right now, Compulsion Games are a week away from finishing their campaign and they’re really close to their initial goal.

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Currently Kickstarting: Charlotte’s Dream

cdreamWhat can we say about dreams apart from noting how important they are? Every now and then I find myself having a lot of strange dreams, either they give me closure about stuff I have been struggling with or I just end up dreaming something stupid like being forced to go back to college or secondary school because of some technicality.  Charlotte’s Dream will explore that world of dreams.

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Currently Kickstarting: Boyfriend Stealer


Update: The kickstarter project was canceled by its creator. The reasons for this are as of yet unknown.

Love is a battlefield and no war is more ferocious than that of the college campus. Shanoa is on a quest to find the perfect boyfriend and she never lets trivial aspects like commitment get in her way. For this reason she stars in the aptly name indie visual novel, Boyfriend Stealer.

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Currently Kickstarting: The Human Reignition Project


I’ve noticed that there are lots of visual novels on Kickstarter recently. It’s a genre I’m not really familiar with (I’ve only played the ones that Christine Love made) but I knew that sooner or later I’d write about one. And it seems like I picked an interesting one to write about, The Human Reignition Project seems like a complex and interesting visual novel.

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